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7 Major Disadvantages Lagging Cloud Computing Behind

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Cloud Computing Definition

To simply put, cloud computing means the use of various services, including Software Platforms, Servers, and Storage over the internet where you do not need to use any of your own computers hard drive. Though there are a lot of advantages of Cloud Computing, there are some major disadvantages to it too.

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Disadvantages of cloud computing

is a major issue as the risks include highly important facility like security, cost, downtime, technical issues and limitations. These service needs to be properly maintained as the most sensitive and valuable data are stored in the cloud computing service.

7 Major Disadvantages of Cloud Computing are

7. Downtime
Downtime is a potential drawback for cloud computing. Cloud Computing service providers sometimes face technical difficulties such as power loss, poor internet connection, data centre under maintenance and more. These problems of providers could lead to interrupted service of cloud computing. For examples, providers are offering 99.9% uptime which may seem pretty high as a per cent, but the rest 0.1% can cause up to 8.5 hours of downtime per year.

6. Prone to Attack
Storing sensitive and important information in the cloud can make the companies vulnerable to several attacks and hacks, which is really threatening and pretty big issue. As everything is online in cloud computing, it makes it really vulnerable and prone to attacks. If you are not an expert administrator, you can easily lose your valuable information due to frequents attacks of hackers.

5. Lack of Support
Lack of support is another issue; Cloud computing companies do not provide maximum support possible as you mostly rely on their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) where you may not get your anticipated answer. And manual support often takes time which is annoying and not so pleasant after all.

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4. Technical Issues
Services of cloud computing can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, which is the best feature of it, but sometimes systems can have some severe malfunction. You have to always aware of the universal fact that technology is always prone to a technical issue, and it’s true for everyone. Even the biggest company’s service can notice some malfunction in their system. It is not inevitable.

3. Loss and limitation of control
When you are moving your business to the cloud, it means you are giving full control to your provider for all of your data and information’s safety and security. That is when you lose complete control from your data and information as you are not directly responsible for your own stuff. And when you hand over everything to your provider, you sign a license agreement which may impose a limitation on your control over your deployment. This is a big issue with the cloud computing service.

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2. Security in the Cloud
Security has always been a significant issue of any service. When you switch your business over the cloud, you basically give your every sensitive information to a 3rd party service provider. This could create a sense of great risk as sensitive information of companies is being held over the server of a 3rd party rather than the own company. As it has already happened, hacking and deletion of data by hackers which could possibly shut down a whole company.
Last but not least,

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Over time, the cost of cloud computing has reduced a little, but it is still pretty costly. At the first appearance, it may seem cloud computing is less costly compared to the normal in-house software solution, the features are limited at the downgraded cost.
A lot of features are available in the service, but the complete use of those services requires more cost. The most reliable and secured service of cloud computing will eventually require the most cost. So, it would be really wise to compare the complete cost with most needed features before advancing with the service as it may not turn out so great for small companies sometimes.
Cloud computing has some great advantages without any doubt. But for technological services, there will always be a vulnerability. There is no 100 Guaranty of safety as attacks and malfunction can happen any time. Although the good news is that, Providers are already trying to ease up those problems for better user experience and we can hope about greater security and more reliability in the greater FUTURE.

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