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Top 10 Examples of Internet of Things(IoT)

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Internet of Things (IOT) is a system of the particular device, including computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, all interconnected with specific and unique identifiers and capable of transferring data over a network without any need for human interactions. The examples of the Internet of Things also includes the applications of IoT, and these examples are, Smart Home, Smart City, Elder Care, Smart farming, Healthcare System, Smart Light Bulbs, Driverless Cars.

These examples of the Internet of Things are already in use. The automated system is taking control of our daily life and making it better and more comfortable.

Top 10 Examples of Internet of Things (IOT):

  • Smart Wearable’s: Smart wearables are on the significant example of IoT, which is already in use. Wristwatches, smart glasses these devices are already in use for tracking the different conditions of the body. Blood Pressure, heartbeat rate can be easily tracked by using these devices. The exact amount of calorie burning through exercise can efficiently be calculated by these applications of IoT.
hand wearing a smart watch
  • Smart Home: The concept of home automation is no longer imaginary. A home application like Air conditioner, lighting, heating, security, etc. It can easily be controlled from outside due to the system of IoT. These are going to help people to save more energy by automatically ensuring electronics are turned off.
smart home controlled by smartphone
  • Elder Care: Eldercare is a significant concern for people with families with elderly members. More aged people are often required extra care and assistance as they are more vulnerable to disease and other situations. IoT can ease with aid in elder care by voice control assistance, additional safety features, etc. The features also include the use of sensors that would monitor medical emergencies such as seizures and failures.
  • Smart Light Bulbs: This is another small but useful application of IoT. Smart bulbs can be controlled by using an application, and the controls include changing color, dim, switch, and every other thing just from a single application.
Light bulb
  • Smart City: This is one of the most powerful applications of the Internet of Things. Smart Surveillance, automated vehicles, better energy management, urban security all these are great examples of IoT applications for Smart City. It will take time to build a smart city as so many developments are needed for a smart city. Peoples are really curious and excited about the smart city concept.
  • Healthcare: The Healthcare industry is adopting IoT based applications. A sea of useful data is analyzed through IoT for the helpful utilization of data in healthcare. The internet of things improving the accuracy and precision of the current devices.
  • Smart Farming: Internet of Things role in agriculture is massive. Smart Farming has been gaining a lot of attention lately as it holds a lot of potentials. Various data of temperature, rainfall, humidity, pest infestation, soil content, etc., could be used to increase production, reduce loss, minimize risk, and many others. There is numerous use of IoT in agriculture. 
  • Driverless Cars:  Automation in transportation, we are already using cars that are capable of driving automatically. IoT has made it possible for the automation process of driving. Cars can be operated automatically without the assistance of any human; it doesn’t require any human interaction and perfectly capable of driving automatically. Numerous car companies have adopted automation in driving as modern cars are coming with this facility.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Environmental monitoring application of IoT uses sensors to monitor air, water quality, soil condition, and many more to assist in the environmental protection from pollution. This could be huge comparing to the pollution rate in our environment; it could play a massive role in a better environment by monitoring specific aspects of it. 
  • Industrial Application:  The use of IoT in industrial applications is increasing rapidly. Smart machines are gaining importance due to their extended potential. IoT is causing an industrial revolution. IoT in industrial use, also called IIoT. 
Industrial application of internet of things

Internet of Things Applications:

The examples include the application of the Internet of Things. The use of IoT has increased rapidly, and in almost every sector, the usage is increasing. This decade is going to be the decade of IoT, in my opinion. Billions of Dollars of investment already in use for the development of IOT.


The Internet of Things is going to be everywhere as its use going to make things a lot easier. IoT will be able to solve big problems people facing in cities full of pollution. Traffic congestion, energy supply, issues like this will be easier to solve using IoT, which will give us a better life in the future.

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