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Machine Learning in HEALTHCARE: Blessing of Technology

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What is machine learning in Healthcare?

Machine learning in Healthcare means the use of machine learning technology in the healthcare system to significantly develop the healthcare system, which results in better treatment solutions for various diseases and more pace in the development of new medicine along with health monitoring and virtual biopsies, etc.The advancement of Machine learning is now mature enough to predict accurate medical events such as hospitalization of patients and more, which is drastically developing the course of Healthcare.

Machine Learning and Covid-19

microscopic covid 19 virus

Vaccines usually take a lot of time for its development, which could be from 2 years to 10 years. That has been the approximate time period for vaccine development in the past. But, in the pandemic of Covid-19, vaccines are supposed to be ready for use within one year. The process elevated by some use of Machine Learning in genome sequencing research and also an enormous amount of infected patients’ data analysis for the better treatment procedure. Machine Learning is playing a significant role in current research.

How machine learning is used in Healthcare

Machine learning has so many applications in Healthcare. Some of the applications of machine learning in Healthcare are

Disease diagnosis

Machine learning is now helping in the diagnosis of various deadly diseases. For example, Cancer is difficult to identify at its early stage, with the help of machine learning now able to help detect breast cancer metastases in lymph nodes, diabetic retinopathy, and more. Machine learning, which analyzes massive data, can indicate a specific disease pattern for early detection and treatment. Deadly diseases like Cancers, if it could be detected at an early stage, the chances of survival increase significantly. It is one massive benefit of machine learning in Healthcare. 

Drug development

drug development by machine learning

Drug development is one massive lengthy process that requires a lot of time and money. The use of machine learning in drug development can cut the length to a shorter span and reduce the amount of money required for the research. Machine learning can boost the time period for developing a drug, which would be a massive help as time is a pretty significant barrier in drug development.

Estimation and prediction of physiological parameters

Wearable technology has gained quite popularities as they can track various health-related records. Machine learning can use the data to estimate and predict the health condition, such as the amount of exercise required daily for a healthy heart and stable blood pressure. It can predict the certain abnormal condition of the body like heart attack and alert for medical assistance, which could be massively beneficial.

Medical imaging diagnosis

Machine learning is capable of analyzing image data. Medical diagnosis yields a lot of imaging data like MRI scans, CT scans, etc. Machine learning can analyze medical imaging and find out the abnormalities with more accuracy than the healthcare professionals with the advanced machine learning algorithm. It could help in the early diagnosis of disease drastically.

medical imaging diagnosis by machine learning

Personalized Treatment

Genetic history, electronic health records, and various other data can be effectively helpful through the use of machine learning in creating a more personalized based treatment. For cancer treatment, the medical history of the patient could be beneficial for better cancer treatment. Machine learning could predict the risk of recurrence cancer, which would determine the aggressiveness of therapy.

Future of machine learning in Healthcare

Healthcare has always been a promising utilization place of technology. Various modern technologies have always been used in the healthcare system for better treatment and care facilities. From the use of a stethoscope to the use of radiotherapy, technology has always played a role in Healthcare, which certainly improved the quality of the healthcare system.

laboratory research of healthcare

The use of Machine learning in cancer research is pretty vast. Some techniques of machine learning which are used in cancer research 

  • Artificial Neural Network (ANNs)
  • Bayesian Network (BNs)
  • Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
  • Decision Trees (DTs)

These models of machine learning are already in use of the research cancer disease. Early-stage detection and treatment of Cancer could substantially reduce the fatality of Cancer.

So the future of machine learning in Healthcare is really massive as it could be understood by the above example. Not only in cancer research, in a disease like diabetes, but machine learning is also trying to minimize some certain risk of diabetic retinopathy. So, there will be a massive role of machine learning in the future in the healthcare system.

Myth about machine learning in Healthcare

There is a popular myth or misconception about the machine learning tool that can do as much of what doctors do. Machine learning is only a tool that will only be assisting doctors and professionals for better treatment and diagnosis and another similar task.

They are more like an assisting tool. Although machine learning has significant potential as it can analyze reports of tests and do predictive analysis, it will never be able to replace doctors in Healthcare. Humans have far superiority, especially in Healthcare as patient-doctor interaction is still of major importance. Healthcare professional has nothing to be frightened about the domination of machine learning as it is only for a better quality of healthcare system.


Machine learning in Healthcare holds a tremendous possibility of better quality healthcare. Machine learning could be a solution to various disease-related problems. Health is a significant issue of human life, and there will always be diseases for the disruption of healthy human life. Thus, technology is required to deal more efficiently with a deadly virus and bacteria.

That is where machine learning could really be beneficial. In a certain aroused situation like the current global pandemic, machine learning is already playing a significant role and will play a massive role in the betterment of our healthcare system. As we all want to have a better quality of Healthcare, no matter what, Healthcare will always have the highest priority. And anything which will beneficial for the betterment of Healthcare will always be welcomed by everyone.

importance of health and healthcare

After all, what is more, important than an efficient HEALTHCARE FACILITY?

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